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The Get It Club, Weekly Virtual Business Coaching, Sales Training Room To Keep You Motivated and Your Business Working and Growing

Jay Jay
Professional Entertainer, Magician, MC
Top YouTuber

Rachael Watt
Marketing and Lead Generation Strategist
Business Growth Expert, Speaker, Author

Kelly Samuels
Business Woman Entrepreneur

As a Most Valued Member of ‘The Get It Club’, what I am committed to you receiving, every week is:

  • Your Very Own Virtual Meeting Club, where you belong to a group, ‘only for you to succeed!’
  • Weekly, Peak Performance, Motivating Business Coaching and Sales and Marketing Training, that is relevant and works in today’s business environment.
  • Your own Think and Grow Rich, Mastermind Group, where 1 brain becomes 100. MASSIVE!!
  • Key reminders to achieve the highest results in attracting more happy paying clients and high sales.
  • Present your business to the club members and use your services.
  • Put questions to the group for challenges and requests you need answers on to succeed.
  • Highly skilled guest speakers who are the most up to date in how to make business sales, marketing, leadership and management work, in this business environment.
  • Training, tips and education on how to grow your confidence, abilities to meet, speak, present, consult and sell with the highest possible skills to get results.
  • Stay out of confusion and live in clarity with how to market and promote your business, products and services so you have a beautiful flow of clients and sales coming in every week.
  • Personal and Professional and business marketing and sales tools, templates, script and other highly valuable gifts for being part of the club.
  • Every month you can have a 1on1, 15 minutes business growth coachingsession with me.
  • I will drive you to network, connect, learn, belong, develop and grow in skills and performance.
  • A MASSIVE and high return on investment ROI for your time and money commitment for being a valued member of ‘The Get It Club’.

How ‘The Get It Club’ works

  1. Click on the Trial Our Club link, to register for the next meeting – AS OUR GUEST
  2. Terms of membership will be sent to you if you decide to join the club
  3. Get It Club meeting runs from 7am to 7.50am every Tuesday (accept holidays)
  4. You will be emailed a Zoom login each Monday for Tuesday morning login
  5. I run the meeting each week, unless a club member to run the meeting from time to time.
  6. I present the agenda and objectives for each meeting at the beginning.
  7. You can show up as much or as little as you want to each meeting, however I suggest to get the most value from The Get It Club, you will show up to at least 2 meetings per month.
  8. Your role in the club is to listen, learn and partake and use this as an opportunity to stay, motivated, consistent and disciplined to show up and grow your skills.

Thank you for making the time to be here. I know how busy you are and I know how much you worry about your business, your family and yourself making it!

I know the challenging, confusing and difficulties you go through each day to make you business bring in a consistent flow of clients and customers and sales, so you can pay for everything and achieve the profits that make you life work!

This is why I have created The Get It Club, so you have a place to check in and stay reminded and motivated and in clarity for what you’re capable of and what you need to do to succeed.

I’ll here every week, and I will do the work to keep you present and on. All you need to do is show up and listen and be involved.